Detox and Regenerate

Suitable for everyone, except Pregnant, Breast Feeding Women and Children

Why Detox?

Our body treat toxins similar to the threat that come with bacteria or viral infections. Toxins affect every physical and mental conditions that underline nearly all diseases; diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, irritable bowel disease, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, acne, eczema, psychological impacts. A good detox program helps to stimulate detoxing organs such as liver, and kidney removing harmful toxins chemicals and regenerate the body’s cells. Detox can also improve the immune system and control inflammation and speed healing process.

Normally these toxins are found in sprayed food such as pesticide, herbicide or fungicide, BPA found in plastic bottles, cleaning home Products, environmental heavy toxic metals “Cadmium, Aluminum, Lead and Mercury” or parasites. Detox program aims to help the body to restore its optimal functions.

Which Program should I choose?

Many companies in Sydney advertise for rapid detox programs outside through TV, Radio, Magazine, etc.. Regrettably these products are based in one model and one dose that fit to everyone, regardless of your genetic makeup at the physical and mental level. However our naturopathic clinic in Sydney recognizes that we born with different genes so we have different needs. Come and find why we have the best detoxification programs in Sydney and how we treat everyone according to their exact needs, and taking into account health and medical conditions. Do not trust any quick detox, express detox, or seven days detox etc… as they can do more harm to your body then benefits, remember these toxins takes months or even years to build inside the body, so there will be no way to eliminate them in a short period of time.

Our Scientific Detox program is completely safe. It is built in three stages, where each stage has a specific job. This program does no harm to any organ or body’s cells. We effectively and safely remove bacteria/parasites, toxins, repair damaged cells and assist the body to maintain its own healing process.

What are Toxins and how they impact on Health?

Most clinics in Sydney focus on the steps of the detoxification program; on the other side we are one of the very few clinics in Sydney that focus also on educating our clients on the inter-relation between the toxins load and diseases. We help to understand that Toxins are not just chemicals that can’t be utilized by the body underline all the symptoms and diseases, but they can cause cellular or organs degeneration and speed aging.

These toxins chemicals impede or obstruct the normal l biological processes, slowing enzymes activities, blocking cells form producing the necessary bio-chemical substance needed by the cells; causing oxidation stress that can directly damage the DNA and genetic makeup, or block the receptors on the cells reducing cellular functions and nutrient absorption.

Most people in big cities such as Sydney, Melbourne are busy with work, and they depend heavily on fast and junk food. They are not aware that more than 90% of toxins that enter the body come through the gut. Wrong Foods choice can be the biggest toxins load especially if not digested properly, creating the perfect environment for the opportunities organisms to grow and thrive. These will trigger strong immune reactions that if went undetected or unnoticed can set the foundations serious diseases especially the auto-immune diseases such as psoriasis, diabetes type one, multiple sclerosis and Hashimoto disease.

Our bodies do everything to reduce toxins load, but as you may be aware that every one of us has his own limitations, once we reach upper sealing of the toxins, symptoms will start to manifest themselves that later if not addressed, can change into diseases that come under different names.


Who should detox?

When you visit our clinic in Sydney, you will find that our naturopath will all recommend detox program after conducting few tests (6-7 tests) that can show the percentage of toxins load. In general that if you are suffering from one or more symptoms that have been continuing and persisting for a long time, than detox program is strongly recommended. Such of these symptoms are:

  1. Recurrent headaches every short period of time
  2. Having problem in concentrating or suffering from poor or short term memory
  3. Feeling frequently tired, fatigue or lethargy
  4. stiffness, weakness or aching of the Muscles
  5. Recurrent and frequent infections
  6. Allergies, hay fever, dermatitis
  7. Psoriasis, multiple sclerosis or other  Autoimmune disease
  8. Mood swings, stress, depressed or anxiety.
  9. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  10. Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome
  11. Digest disorders such as reflux, bloating, diarrhoea, excessive flatulence
  12. Hormonal disorders or reproductive problems

Which Detox program should i choose?

Once we assessing your toxins load in our clinic in Sydney; our naturopath will determine which program you should start with. As being the best natural healing clinic in Sydney and thriving to stay on top, we only offer the best program to suit your specific health condition, after carefully studying and investigating thoroughly your case.

In summary; Health and Food Sydney clinic offers one of the two most popular detox programs, however for special cases we can tailor a new program to suit the patients health and diseases conditions.

1.   A Full 6 weeks Comprehensive Detox program in three stages:

This program is offered for people who have serious diseases, or first time detoxing or suffering from persisting symptoms that have been for long time, or simply doing for the first time a full Detox program.


2. Express 2-3 weeks Detox program:

Normally recommended for those who has long holidays, and they did comprehensive detox program before.

So if you will like to feel stress free, energetic and light again, then call us now on 0411 311 767 or leave your details by clicking here on Contact us