Naturopath and his science- What it is?

Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is a practice of assessing, preventing and treating various health conditions. Naturopathic medicine relied heavily on the power of the nature healing, where the naturopath plays the role to facilitate the natural process with the aid of natural and nontoxic therapies. Naturopathy focuses on four key points:

  1. Identifying the underline causes of the disease and avoiding suppression of the natural healing wisdom of the body, on the contrary to the orthodox medical system that suppress symptoms.
  2. Do no harm by employing safe and effective natural therapies.
  3. Treat the person as whole and not just a collection of symptoms that manifest as diseases with different names. Always trust what you feel about your health and well-being, and do not become another statistic number.
  4. Educate, empower and motivated the patient to assume more personal responsibility for his health and finally naturopathy believes that prevention is the best cure that can be accomplished through education and a lifestyle that supports health.


What is modern naturopathy?

Modern Naturopathy has more answers and solutions to offer to chronic diseases rather than Orthodox Naturopathy. Modern Naturopath applies all Natural Healing Laws and using the new field of nutrigenomic medicine, where the Orthodox Naturopath does not. These laws are:

  1. The acid/alkaline balance.
  2. The inflammation/anti-inflammation status.
  3. The Rate of cells death/cell regeneration.
  4. Anti-oxidant/Free radical balance.

The findings of new field in Naturopathy

The new field of nutrigenomic medicine assesses the genetic weakness and the interrelations with the diseases. Missing or not, fully applying this natural law can hinder the healing process.

But that is not all what Modern Naturopath can offer, as once the patients’ condition and health improved, then we move them to next level I called the mental diet and re-education stage where the source of problem reside there, please note that this is a brief explanation and if you have any question do not hesitate to call us and we will be glad to answer any query. We have our branches located in different Australian cities including Parramatta, Sydney, Baulkham hills, Liverpool, and Penrith.

To understand why we do the second stage, then you need to ask the question. How long my friend, uncle, cousin, mother or any family member has the same disease, why it seems their disease not only to stay or improve but to worsen year after year such as diabetes, heart problems, asthma, arthritis, etc… where you can find orthodox naturopath can offer better relief when compared to orthodox medical system, but it can’t be better than Modern Naturopathy as 99% of people who came for treatment will relapse back many times and go back to their original complains and conditions.

The chance with Modern Naturopath to relapse back is very low, provided that the patient has understood and applies what he or she had learned during the treatment plan.

The best naturopaths in Australia offer you the best

HEALTH AND FOOD CLINIC’S is specialized with Modern Naturopathy treatments and it is the only clinic in Australia that understands and applies the four fundamental natural laws for optimal health. We are confident that if you follow and understand our advices and instructions, then within a short period of time, you will start to observe the changes in your physical body and mental clearance with more energy and less stressed.

Health and Food guarantee to you to use the most advance scientific health approaches that include personalize genetic diet, best supplements, the latest genetic test, how to achieve optimal health and stay healthy so that your disease will be reduced to its lowest level and kept under your control.

So if you are suffering from any chronic disease or chronic pain or you just like to improve your diet and health, and are looking for an experienced naturopath across Parramatta, Sydney, Baulkham hills, Liverpool, and Penrith, just leave your details here by clicking on Contact us.