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Detox & Regenerate

Detox and Regenerate Nutritionist Sydney

Why Detox?

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Increase energy and reduce stress
  • Improve sleeping and reduce insomnia
  • The body treats toxins similar to the threat that come with bacteria or viral infections.
  • Toxins accelerate cells death and aging
  • Toxins affect every physical and mental conditions that underline nearly all diseases; diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, irritable bowel disease, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, acne, eczema, psychological impacts.

What do current detox programs offer?

Many companies in Sydney advertise for rapid detox programs through TV, Radio and Magazines. Regrettably these products are based on one model and one dose that fit to everyone, regardless of your genetic makeup or physical and mental level.

These quick and cheap detox programs can cause more damage than benefits to every organ and cell in the body. If you were given the chance to watch what is going inside your body, I am confident that you wouldn’t even take any quick detox program, even it was offered free to you!

So what is a good scientific detox program?

Detox Vegetables

A good scientific detox program does not just help to stimulate detoxing the bowel, liver, and kidney. Essentially it safely removes harmful toxins chemicals and starts to regenerate the body’s cells. Detox should also restore the immune system back to healthy and control inflammation and speed up the healing process.

Where do toxins come from?

Most people are busy with work and they depend heavily on fast and junk food. Junk food are loaded with carbs, sugars, damaged oils, preservative, food enhancers etc. Slow bowel motion and failing to complete emptying these toxins through the bowel can increase the toxins load by more than 90% causing gut inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. On the other hand and even if you are not eating junk food, wrong foods choices can be another source of toxins load especially if not digested properly, creating the perfect environment for organisms to grow and thrive such as parasites and candida.

Other sources of toxins can also come from damaged oils, preservative, pesticide, herbicide or fungicide, BPA found in plastic bottles, cleaning home Products, environmental heavy toxic metals “Cadmium, Aluminium, Lead and Mercury” or parasites.

That is why a good Scientific Detox program should first asses the body’s toxin loads “ie Do the toxins come from heavy metals or leaky gut, inflammation”. A good scientific detox program also aims to help restore the optimal functions to your body.

How can the scientific detox program help me?

If you are suffering any of these symptoms or diseases, than our scientific detox program will help you to improve

  • Recurrent headaches often
  • Having problems concentrating or suffering from poor or short term memory loss
  • Feeling frequently tired, fatigued or lethargic
  • stiffness, weakness or aching of the Muscles
  • Recurrent and frequent infections
  • Allergies, hay fever, dermatitis
  • Psoriasis, multiple sclerosis or any autoimmune diseases
  • Mood swings, stress, depressed or anxiety.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Ulcerative colitis, crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome
  • Digest disorders such as reflux, bloating, diarrhoea, excessive flatulence
  • Hormonal disorders or reproductive problems

Tony’s Treatment Program

Tony’s unique treatment program focus on these key elements

  • Patient and family health history and diseases risk factors
  • Patient diet
  • Patient best activity and type of exercise
  • Patient Specific Supplements to support his/her Genetic Weakness
  • Patient life style and quality of sleeping
  • Patient internal balance and peace with himself.
During the consultation, Tony will advise you if you need to do these Genetic Tests

1. Advance Genetic Test

2. Genetic Diet Test

These tests will lay the foundation to support the body’s genetic weaknesses and re-balance it with strength.

In Tony’s clinic you will find that his programs and support will focus mainly on achieving your health goals that include feeling content, happy, and productive so you can enjoy a life with fulfillment and success.

This can only be achieved by using true holistic and scientific approaches. Supported by the latest scientific and nutrigenomics research ,specific clinical tests and specific blood tests done by your doctor, combined with the best of diet, exercise and supplements.

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