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Diagnostic Testing

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Minerals analysis Test

The OligoScan report is an analysis used as a current sampling means for the early identification (asymptomatic) at the cellular level of mineral imbalances, accumulation of toxic elements, and as an aid to detect metabolic issues as early as possible.

Genetic Profiling Test

Did you ever wonder why we keep getting the same diseases as our parents did in the past? Find out how our qualified genetic profiling practitioner can help you to uncover these secrets and reduce your diseases risk. Our advance Nutrigenomics scientific approaches to achieve optimal health, will eliminate the guess work and enable us to tailor the exact health plan that works with your genes to enhance your wellbeing and ensure healthy living and aging.

Genetic Diet Test

Scientific studies have shown that variations in the human salivary amylase gene (AMY1) differ based on populations who have traditionally eaten high starch diets compared to those who have traditionally eaten low starch diets. Variations within the AMY1 gene influence how well your body can breakdown and process starch, meaning that some people can tolerate carbohydrates better than others.

pH Test

Let’s define what does the pH of a solution mean. The pH of any solution can be measured on the scale known as the pH scale that vary from 0 to 14, to determine how acidic or alkaline this solution is. In human health the pH law plays a crucial role in general well-being and diseases progressing as there are no chance to the body to heal if the body’s pH is kept acidic.

Urinary Indican Test

This Test is a fast way to assess your protein digestion and gut health reflecting the friendly bacteria Eco-balance. Normally an overgrowth of non-friendly and anaerobic bacteria and other pathogens can have effects on the level of the gut integrity, inflammation, immune system and health.

Weight Analysis Test

Weight Analysis Test or WAT measures your lean muscle to fat ratio, how hydrated your body is and the level of toxicity that is occurring in your body. It also shows how well you are converting energy at the cellular level and your biological age.


Iridology is the study of the iris of the eye. It is a valuable tool when combined with other testing and gives the practitioner a comprehensive understanding of your health. Iridology can provide clues to organs that may be under stress due to poor diet, toxicity, acidity and inflammation.

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