Oligoscan Test

Health and Food presents their Patients the most advance Testing Technology to accurately evaluate the Body’s status of minerals, vitamins and toxic heavy metals. The Screening Test provide a quick and precise analysis that highlight the physiological imbalances and helps understanding the underline and driving of the diseases.

Why this Test is important?

Here we will give two examples of the impact of Magnesium and Folic acid or B9 and their deficiency impact on our Health. The Magnesium is involve in more than 600 biological functions including, building proteins, strong bones, regulating blood sugar, blood pressure, muscle and nerve function and energy Production) and the Vitamin Folic Acid or B9 that is involve with the most important MTHFR gene responsible for enormous number of physiological functions inside the body such as aiding the liver to detox, fatigue, chronic pain, brain fog, depression and anxiety, estrogen dominance, headaches, and more) that can help to improve the health status.

So, as you can see here the huge impact of just Magnesium and Folic Acid on our Health. Making this Advance Testing Technology OligoScan one of the most important Test anyone can benefit from it.

How Does Oligoscan do that?

THE ANALYSIS Instant measurements of minerals, trace elements vitamins, oxidative stress and toxic metals with the use of an Oligoscan. This analysis is a quick, precise, non-invasive and pain-free process that produces real-time results as seen in the picture below.

What is an Oligoscan?

The Oligoscan is an analyser or instrument that measures the amount of light emitted by a light source as reflected from the skin in order to determine the concentration of each element in the skin. ”

Oligoscan uses Spectrophotometry to measure the optical density of the trace elements, minerals, vitamins and heavy metals, currently present in the tissues.” The OligoScan uses high‑frequency light spectrophotometry to provide a precise analysis of the 21 essential minerals and trace elements, 9 vitamins in the body and the presence of 14 toxic heavy metals.

But that is not all, OligoScan can assess if each vitamin, mineral or trace mineral is deficient or blocked by a heavy metal.

A very good example of the impact that can cause by the Heavy Metals is Mercury or Hg. This Heavy Toxic Mineral can cause havoc inside the body and create a chain of Free Radicals causing Oxidative Stress, Cells Membrane Damages and worsen the Diseases Condition.

Mercury in access can also impact of the Thyroid Functions and the Auto-immune diseases. It also can deplete the Body from the Selenium, a very important trace minerals responsible to activate Important Enzymes such as Glutathione Peroxidase and Supper Oxide Dismutase the most power anti-oxidant Enzymes and 6 million times more powerful than vitamin C or E in protecting the DNA and the cells from the damages caused by the free radicals and the Oxidative Stress

Who can benefit from OligoScan?

  • Couples who are planning to have children. Early detection as example of imbalance between Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium can help the practitioner to support the patients with supplements, diet, and hydration. Early Correction of imbalances will help achieve improved health outcomes for all of the family.
  • Helping those who worked or working in polluted industrial cities People that impact on long time health and energy.
  • Painters, farmers who have been exposed to fertilizers and chemical sprays on farms.
  • People who have worked in mining industries, especially those involved with aluminium, lead, silver, and nickel.
  • Post-menopausal women who are looking to have strong bones and balanced hormones.
  • Those who constantly eating outdoors and Junk or processed Food
  • Sport people who love exercising and looking to keep their Peak Health will need lot of magnesium and vitamins.
  • Smokers of cigarettes especially the addictive ones that most of the time have high Cadmium and other Heavy Toxic Metals.
  • Patients with poor liver and colon functions where their fibre daily intake is very low and have problems to excrete toxins. Most of the time you the test result comes with high Hidden heavy metals and imbalanced minerals and trace minerals as evidence.
  • If you have 2 or more dental amalgams or those planning to have metal fillings removed.

Who can do Oligoscan Test?

Anyone with the starting age 2 and above.

Has Minimum Weight and Height 10Kg and 70cm Respectively

What do I need to do before the Test?

Obviously, your hands must be clean and free from any skin creams.

You need to know your blood type. The Practitioner will take your weight analysis, height. Also, you need to fill an application about your diet, home chemicals, type of work you do etc…

OligoScan is supported by Scientific studies

The negative impact of heavy metals on the human and animal organism is demonstrated by numerous studies published by research institutes such as WHO, FAO and other organisations.
Today environment has massive exposure to these toxic agents becomes a real public health danger. These heavy metals can be transported by the pollution of the air, the earth and water (ground waters and sea water). Heavy Metals pollute our Body’s’ directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, scientific studies showed the dramatic depletion of nutrients in soil and consequently the food. Add to that the increase of food additives and colours cause numerous problems in the body.

The only solution of their Hazards is to eliminate and to stop building them inside the body. The solution is Detoxing these toxic metals out of the human body by a good high fibre diet, specific chelating agents, specials supplements and many other techniques.

How can Tony Help you?

In Health and Food Tony can offer you many Solutions to re-balance or restore the minerals and vitamins imbalance inside your body, and remove the Heavy Metals.

Tony has created a specific Detox Program that can help you to restore your vitality and energy.

If you have any question about Oligoscan Test, feel free to call Tony today at 0412244677 or Book A Free Consultation

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    Erin-Beth Johns
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    Mina Shenouda
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    Phillip Mattiello
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