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pH Test


pH Testing Sydney, pH Test Parramatta, pH Test Liverpool

Urine Verse Saliva Test

Taking a urine test and not the saliva test gives only half the picture of the acidity levels of your body.

What is pH?

Most people are not aware of the influence of the pH law on their Health!

But first let’s define what does the pH of a solution mean. The pH of any solution can be measured on the scale known as the pH scale that vary from 0 to 14, to determine how acidic or alkaline this solution is. In human health the pH law plays a crucial role in general well-being and diseases progressing as there are no chance to the body to heal if the body’s pH is kept acidic.


Why the pH Test is important to us?

The pH of the urine when taken in the morning represents the total intake of food in the past 24 hours. So for example if the pH reading was 6.0 or 5.70 pH; that simply means that the total diet in the previous day was more acidic, and if it was 7.2 pH it means the diet was alkaline. If the pH readings kept coming back acidic in each test, then disease will be unavoidable as this can weaken the immune system, bone strength and the muscles integrity. If this test is constantly high each test an investigation would look into why.

On the other side, if the Saliva pH is over 7.0 or under 6.5, then this could indicate an adrenal stress or unbalanced cortisol hormone.

Normally if a persons test reveal over time that it is constantly acidic, than we recommend our clients to do a urine test at home and register the result every day. Whatever was the outcome of the reading test for the patient, in the next visit we will investigate the result and design the right alkaline diet plan that the patient needs to follow in order to restore what there body lost.

pH Test

What do you need to do before the test?

Normally before coming to the clinic, our Naturopath will call you and instruct what you need to eat the night before coming and when to collect the urine sample. We recommend all our Clients to keep the urine sample in a cold place until coming for the test. However if you have any other questions before coming, than we encourage you to call us on 0411 311 767, or fill in the contact us form.

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