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Anti-Aging Program

Anti-Aging Program

Why everyone needs an Anti aging Programs?

Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention

Cancer the major threat to human life today!

Cholesterol & Heart Diseases

Cholesterol & Heart Diseases

Cholesterol and Heart Disease Nutritionist Sydney

Detox & Regenerate

Detox & Regenerate

Detox and Regenerate Nutritionist Sydney

Diabetes & Complications

Diabetes & Complications

Are you suffering from diabetes?

Digestive Diseases and Health Impacts

Digestive Diseases and Health Impacts

Do you suffer from heartburn, bloating, reflux, burping, nausea

The Science behind Exercise and Sport Supplements

The Science behind Exercise and Sport

If Exercise is considered to be the fundamental

Female Infertility Preconception and Pregnancy

Female Infertility Preconception

Infertility is medically defined as the inability

Men's Health & Sexual Dysfunction

Men's Health & Sexual

If You suffer from libido problems,early ejaculation

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Do you suffer from back pain, osteoporosis

Other Treatments

Other Treatments

Headache, restlessness, back pain & Other treatments Sydney

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Programs Sydney & Weight Loss Treatments Sydney

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Welcome to Health & Food

Naturopath Liverpool and Online Nutritionist Sydney, Australia – Tony Jaafar

We are now opening and providing you service at your home through Online service, please connect with us »  Whatsapp WhatsApp. If you don’t have it to connect directly add our number – 0411 311 767.

Do you want to resolve long standing health issues, or just keep using a Band aid and waste living a healthy life?

Hi my name is Tony Jaafar, I am a Naturopath specialized in Diet, Anti-aging programs and most diseases. I grew up loving to read, I strived to understand everything about human health and loved helping People. At an early age I developed the passion to read every books related to diseases, herbal books, yoga, pilates, resistance exercise and human biology. My main focus is to answer one question. How can we live a disease free life, but keeping our health at peak even at an old age?

But nothing changed until 1996, when Tony met Jillian K from the Northern Beaches of Sydney at Manly. Jillian was very interested in natural healing. Next six months Jillian told Tony that she was completely recovered from breast cancer using a Japanese natural healer monk, where the other used her natural energy healing. At first I did not believe that, but my curiosity and having always an open mind to learn new things pushed me to investigate the story and read other books related to the energy natural healing.

As our friendship grows deeper, Jillian introduce Tony to more new ideas in the field of natural healing, such as Kombucha, Kefir, wheat grass juice, Dr Bob Beck on blood electrification, Hulda Clark “author of The Cure of All Diseases, Paul Pitchford “author of Healing with Whole Food, Robert O. Young “the author of The pH Miracle”, and more. Tony’s curiosity kept growing to learn more about health and Energy Healing until finally he decided to go and study Naturopathy Sydney by 2001.

Next 10 years Tony’s tried to help hundreds of patients, friends, but always he found after people improved next few months the symptoms or disease will come back, but why?

Answering this question and try to resolve this puzzle was never an easy one, but when his mother passed away, six months later the answer came crystal clear to these questions.

  • Are humans born to live a healthy life or doomed to be sick?
  • Are there really any cures for diseases, or cure is only for health?
  • Why I don’t treat diseases, but I treat people?
  • Why even with billions or trillions of dollars spent in countless scientific research and keep improving medical diagnostic equipment’s, still diseases are increasing at dramatically rate such as cancers. cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc.
    “increased more than 500% last one hundred years”?
  • Why investing in your health is cheaper in medium and long term than focusing on treating diseases?

You will discover throughout the consultation, tests and the treatment health programs how the answers of these questions are Easier than you believe and conclude that;

There are no cure to diseases but there is one to Health

Today Tony has more than two decades of experience in the field of diet, health and true anti-aging programs. Tony’s belief is that health and diseases can’t co-exist together. Once you understand that phrase, you quickly will recognize that living a healthy life is easier than you ever thought before.

Today naturopath Tony Jaafar has developed a unique scientific method to all health issues and concerns, and he finds joy and meaning in helping people. His unique scientific method offers a solution to maintain health, wellness and regain back youth energy and be in-charge of your body and Mind.

Get your First Free Consultation Today!

What do you expect in the 30 minutes free consultation?

  • You can ask any question about your Disease History including current symptoms, surgery, supplements and medications.
  • You can ask why the supplements, diet or exercise plan that you are doing are not working the way you expect or improving your health.
  • Or Checking weight analysis and goals
  • Or Assessing Stress and cortisol Levels
  • Or Health and wellness goals
  • During the free Consultation we can offer you one free test of the following, pH Test, zinc Test or systematic blood pressure Test.
  • Clarifying the importance of living a healthy life with the rewards you get at your personal life.
  • At the end of the Free Consultation, if for any reason you are not happy with our Scientific Approach to deal with your Health Issues then, you can leave without any pressure and you will not be charged.
  • However, if you are happy and decide to proceed, then we can Start taking your case history and filling the proper health forms, and when we finish you will be charged a full Consultation price.


It should be noted that this website provides general advice and each individuals circumstance will be different based on the individuals genetics, environment, diet, food intake, metabolism and exercise. No individual result should be seen as typical.

Managing busy work schedule and healthy life now is a dream for every individual, but attaining the same is not always possible. Due to this reason, people get deprived of the kind of life they always desire. Naturopathy can show you the way following which you can get a complete solution to all your ailments. If you are looking for the best naturopathy therapist who can guide to a healthy life, then you can get in touch with Health & Food. Call us to discuss safe natural solutions for your winter preventive

Here, you can get all your queries answered properly from our most seasoned nutrition consultant experts. Naturopath is the finest alternative process with which you can regain your energy and life back. Apart from that we also cater services in other various categories of alternative medicines.

Why Choose Health & Food?

There are more than a dozen of reasons for which you should come to naturopath.

  • We have the most qualified nutritionists in Sydney at your service.
  • The nutrition consultant team comprises of most experienced nutritionists in Liverpool, Australia.nutritionists in Liverpool, Australia.
  • Our naturopathy centre has gained accolades and awards for being the best clinic for naturopathic treatment.
  • Our naturopathy therapist is specialised in his job domain.
  • We also have the most coveted chiropractic nutritionist team in our centre for giving our clients a better way to improve health conditions.

Naturopathy is the ancient form of medicine practiced from ages for natural cure. While allopathy is considered to be most effective, naturopathy has its lifeline on the side-effect free treatment. Nature has in store the answer to all medical problems of human being and this form of treatment captures its very essence. We, a naturopathic clinic brings the same treatment with sheer commitment and utmost integrity. We have the best naturopath Liverpool serving patients with all medical benefits that nature has to offer.

What Makes Us Popular?

  • Our nutritionist takes care of our patients like no other naturopathy centre Liverpool.
  • Our experience, knowledge and the way to treat the patients with naturopathy Liverpool is different from any other centres of the city.
  • We also offer free newsletters to our patients on a regular basis.
  • We have handpicked the nutritionist.

For getting more knowledge about chiropractic nutritionist and get in touch with the best clinic for naturopathic treatment call us at 0411 311 767. You can also contact us via email-

Minerals analysis Test
Minerals analysis Test

Correction of deficiencies and excesses expressed in the OligoScan

The OligoScan report is an analysis used as a current sampling means for the early identification (asymptomatic) at the cellular level of mineral imbalances, accumulation of toxic elements, and as an aid to detect metabolic issues as early as possible.

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Genetic Profiling Testasdasd
Minerals analysis Test

Genetic Profiling Test Sydney, Genetic Profiling Testing Parramatta

Yes, that is right, imagine if you can by a single genetic test that helps you understand the strength and weakness of your genes, and design the best diet, exercise, life style and supplements to support your health and longevity so you can enjoy a happy and productive life.

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Genetic Diet Test
Minerals analysis Test

Genetic Diet Testing Sydney, Liverpool, Parramatta

Imagine with one Genetic Diet Test known as AMY1 and what category (1 - 20) it falls, one can determine the amount of Carbohydrates "Starch" your body can digest or handle as shown in these pictures.

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pH Test
Minerals analysis Test

pH Testing Sydney, pH Test Parramatta, pH Test Liverpool

Taking a urine test and not the saliva test gives only half the picture of the acidity levels of your body.

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Urinary Indican Test
Minerals analysis Test

Urinary Indican Test Sydney

This Test is a fast way to assess your protein digestion and gut health reflecting the friendly bacteria Eco-balance. Normally an overgrowth of non-friendly and anaerobic bacteria and other pathogens can have effects on the level of the gut integrity, inflammation, immune system and health.

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Weight Analysis Test
Minerals analysis Test

Are you dissatisfied and upset with what your scales are telling you?

Weight Analysis Test or WAT measures your lean muscle to fat ratio, how hydrated your body is and the level of toxicity that is occurring in your body. It also shows how well you are converting energy at the cellular level and your biological age.

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