• What is naturopath
    A Naturopath is not just a holistic health coach, but a true Health teacher who will help, guide, educate you and support you in all areas of your health and wellbeing.
  • Why I need a Naturopath
    Most Patients will seek Naturopath helps once they reach a state feeling that their doctor treatments are not working anymore. Here the Patient will start to seek another natural alternative.
  • What Is the Difference Between a Naturopath and A Nutritionist?
    Even though the Naturopath and the Nutritionist work similarly in that they view the body as one whole, rather than separate systems. The difference with a Naturopath is that they are able to use a wide range of healing tools to achieve the best outcome for you. Where a nutritionist works with diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements only
  • What benefits you got from the Naturopath Consultation
    A Naturopath will help to understand the impact of your diet, lifestyle, relationships, stress and environment on your current state of Health Conditions.
  • What Tests the Naturopath can use during consultation
    Naturopath can use many different Tests to uncover the underlying issues. These Tests including: zinc, microscopic blood analysis, Ph of the urine and Saliva, Urine Kidney Indicator Test, Minerals, Vitamins and Heavy Metals Analysis Test, Weight Analysis check.
  • Why Health and Food is different from other Naturopaths Clinics
    We do not just apply the best natural medicines or the latest biochemical testing to address your underline disease, but we can explain how you can bounce back to health again once your conditions improved. At Health and Food we can help you understand the foundation of how gain and keep your Optimal Health.
  • Are Naturopathic Consultations Covered by Medicare?
    No, naturopathic consultations are not covered by Medicare.
  • Do I need a letter from my doctor to book to see a Naturopath
    No, you do not need a letter from your doctor. It really is so simple and your options are endless!
  • Appointment and Payments Methods
    All appointments required $50 deposit before booking. The rest can be paid in the clinic cash or electronic funds transfer after finishing the consultation. However, telehealth consultation needs to be paid in full prior to the consultation.
  • What happened if I missed Consultation
    Whilst we can understand that things occur at the last minute can change, please ensure you provide at least 48 hours notice and in some special cases 24 hours can be accepted too. So, you need to call us to reschedule your appointment, otherwise you will be charged a full cancellation fee.
    Any “no shows” without notification will be subject to the full fee.
  • What should I Bring to My Initial Consultation
    You can bring all current supplements and prescribed medications that you are currently taking. You can also bring in any copies of recent or old blood tests, medical reports, or treatment plans with previous practitioners.
  • Can I use Naturopathic and my Doctor treatments at the same time
    The answer in most case is yes; however, it is important that you advise both your naturopath and GP of any supplements and medications you are taking.
  • Are the treatments safe?
    Yes, Naturopathic treatments are safe when taken as prescribed. Tony is highly trained and experienced on how Naturopathic medicines work within the body and all Naturopathic remedies used are all tested and meet Australian standards.
  • What can I expect during my first initial appointments?
    At your first naturopathy appointment our practitioner will take a full medical history and have a comprehensive discussion of your current illness or concerns.
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    Erin-Beth Johns
    Erin-Beth Johns
    I have seen Tony for various health concerns over the last 12 years. Tony really knows his stuff and genuinely wants to help. He explains everything so you understand and if you follow his plan there are so many health benefits and you end up feeling great. Tony has helped me get my health on track, lose weight and conceive after years of infertility. I would recommend him to anyone in need of naturopath or nutritionist.
    Mina Shenouda
    Mina Shenouda
    I have been seeing a lot of nutritionists but Tony is the best one of them, he really knows his field very well and teaches you everything you need to know, keep up the work mate.
    Vicki d
    Vicki d
    If you want to understand your body and get it working with you , Tony is a great Naturopath. He has taught me techniques and ways to deal with my migraines 3 years on.
    Vivi M
    Vivi M
    Great experience. Tony is knowledgeable and guides you gently on the journey to better health.
    Frank Dunn
    Frank Dunn
    I have been seeing Tony with my Family for almost a Decade now. Tony is vey Professional and Friendly. He had helped us with dieting, exercising and prescribing the right supplements and super foods. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who had no success in treating his or her conditions or disease in the past.
    Phillip Mattiello
    Phillip Mattiello
    My family has been treated by Tony for several years. This time I fell seriously ill and was a wake up call for me. I chose the natural alternative path and would highly recommend, as Tony has great insights how the whole body works and treatment requited in a holistic way.
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