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Urinary Indican Test


Urinary Indican Test Sydney

Urinary Indican Test

What is the Urinary Indican Test?

This Test is a fast way to assess your protein digestion and gut health reflecting the friendly bacteria Eco-balance. Normally an overgrowth of non-friendly and anaerobic bacteria and other pathogens can have effects on the level of the gut integrity, inflammation, immune system and health.

The Urinary Indican Test is a simple-to-use point-of-care screening tool that allows for assessment of dysbiosis, SIBO and malabsorption states as evidenced by the presence of Indican. Also known as indoxyl sulfate, Indican is produced when there is putrefaction of tryptophan from dietary protein by dysbiotic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. A positive test result suggests dysbiosis and/or SIBO and/or malabsorption states, with darker shades indicating more severe dysfunctions

What causes the Urinary Indican Test result to vary?

Unbalanced diets, junk food, lack of drinking alkaline ionized water, excess fat and sugar consumption, lack of fibre, sedentary lifestyle practices and stress All these factors contribute to disturb the normal digestion in the gut, leaving undigested food to putrefy and ferment causing inflammations, toxicity and gut disorders. The end product of the putrefied products is called indoles.

Normally most of the indoles will expel in the gut and the rest will be metabolized inside the liver and excrete via the kidneys as Indican. If the gut is inflamed and suffers from overgrowth of bad bacteria, than the higher indoles and the Indican levels in the test.

Why this test is important?

Even though this test is not for any specific pathogens or in-aerobic bacteria overgrowth, it is it still very important as it gives a strong indication about your gut inflammation, integrity and health in general. Many of our patients test results improved over time, so did their over-all health . they felt better and had less stress. It is that simple, as our clinic does not try to complicate our patients’ life, but keep life simple, brighter and healthier!

Today scientists and health nutritionist specialists understand the direst connections between many diseases and the health of the gut as 90% of toxins inter from the digestive system. So whatever you suffer from today , once you start one of our programs you will quickly feel that your disease and stress will be helped as your gut health is restored back to normal.

The underline cause of Diseases is Dysbiosis!

There are numerous factors that cause Sysbiosis excess consumption of animal proteins, saturated fats, sugars, carbohydrates, low fibre and vegetables, stress lifestyles, lack of sleeping, eating when you’re not hungry, drinking less alkaline ionized water, antibiotics, poor diet, and lack of exercise. All these factors combined or separately can create Dysbiosis in the gut that underline all your the problems that you are suffering right now!

So if you suffer from any disease that is worsening over time, it is time to try one of our many programs that will help you to restore your gut flora and health and start to enjoy your life.

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