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Genetic well Being Test

Genetic Profiling Test Sydney, Genetic Profiling Testing Parramatta

Genetic Profiling Test

The Future Health Science to design a healthier and a productive Life

Yes, that is right, imagine if you can by a single genetic test that helps you understand the strength and weakness of your genes, and design the best diet, exercise, life style and supplements to support your health and longevity so you can enjoy a happy and productive life.

Nutrigenomics is a new scientific discipline which studies the interaction between our genes, diet and lifestyle choices and how these can influence our health, well-being and your risk of certain diseases. It is true we can’t change our inherited genes.

However we can compensate for their influence by choosing better nutritional matches for our genes. In short we can repair DNA damage and improve the functioning of our genes by making the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.

Genetic Profiling Testing Lab

What is the difference between Genotype and Phenotype?

The Genotype or the genetic makeup of individuals will provide a range of information on the capabilities and risks to health of the individual. The Phenotypes is the individual’s genetic constitution that interacts with the environment and is influenced by the surroundings, the diet, the lifestyle and the type of exercise.

Why this is important to me?

The genetic profiling test lets you understand how to assess the environment impacts on individual genes based on the genotype and phenotype and how it can be changed or manipulated to maximize the health benefits. It opens the door widely for each one of us to be aware of the precise health plan we needs for our specific genetic inherent to live a healthy and energetic life.

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