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Mens health and Sexual Dysfunctions

Sydney Men’s Health & Sexual Dysfunction Clinic Sydney

If You suffer from libido problems,early ejaculation, have issues sustaining an erection or lack of desire for sex that affects you or your partner, than it is time to take action and seek help.

Libido problems can arise from many reasons such as excessive alcohol, carbohydrates, obesity, and saturated fats. It can also can be related to a number of psychological connections such as fear, stress and anxiety. Ignoring this problem can worsen with time and complicate the problem further.


Impotence, erection and low libido has a multitude of causes. Heart diseases especially “atherosclerosis comes first as a key factor in erection problems”, hormonal imbalance causes for impotence are related to low testosterone levels, which can lead to infertility if not treated. Constant stress, alcoholism, candidiasis and diabetes and multiple sclerosis all can affects men libido and testosterone level.

Many drugs can cause a reduction in libido and cause impotence including anti-depressants, ulcer medications, high blood pressure. Also heavy smoking, marijuana and other street drugs can cause the same problems.

It is important to highlight here that age does not eliminate desire, or cause impotence. A healthy body can function for a long time even after the age of eighty.

How can Tony help you?

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Tony at the initial stage will focus on the underlying issues that you are suffering from such as toxins load, inflammation, excessive of oxidative stress, rebalancing the gut friendly bacteria, improving diet and sleeping quality, reducing stress and restoring nutrient deficiencies.

Once your body is clean and nutritionally balanced, Tony will focus to improve your fitness through specific exercise, encourage weight loss and relaxation or meditation.

Tony’s Treatment Program

Tony’s unique treatment program focus on these key elements

  • Patient and family health history and diseases risk factors
  • Patient diet
  • Patient best activity and type of exercise
  • Patient Specific Supplements to support his/her Genetic Weakness
  • Patient life style and quality of sleeping
  • Patient internal balance and peace with himself.
During the consultation, Tony will advise you if you need to do these Genetic Tests

1. Advance Genetic Test

2. Genetic Diet Test

These tests will lay the foundation to support the body’s genetic weaknesses and re-balance it with strength.

In Tony’s clinic you will find that his programs and support will focus mainly on achieving your health goals that include feeling content, happy, and productive so you can enjoy a life with fulfillment and success.

This can only be achieved by using true holistic and scientific approaches. Supported by the latest scientific and nutrigenomics research ,specific clinical tests and specific blood tests done by your doctor, combined with the best of diet, exercise and supplements.

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