Why everyone needs to exercise?

Have you ever asked yourself this question; do I really need to exercise, and if the answer is yes, then how often per week and what type of exercise do I need. Beside that what type of Food and Supplements do I need, and is Deep Sleeping is crucial for a Healthy toning or growing Muscles.

Tony has developed the right programs to you. During the consultation I will explain and explore with you the correct answers. Knowing the Science behind Exercise and answering these crucial questions and gaining the right knowledge, can change your life for ever as Exercise is considered the foundation of living a Happy and Healthy life.

The Science behind Exercise and Sport Nutrition

If Exercise is considered to be the fundamental base for longevity and wellness, then Sport Nutrition are the crucial complementary part in exercise and optimal health.

With the right types of science exercise, nutrition and sport supplements, you can enjoy having a healthy body. Most people are not aware of the stress caused by certain exercises that can leave on the body the early sign of aging, muscles and bones pain. Not to forget the impact of strenuous exercise on the immune system.

Many studies have found that people of different ages who incorporated daily exercise and sport supplements in their lives, have gained many advantages compared to sedentary people. Such as students who exercise get better marks in school and can easily focus. Employers and employee find they are more productive and less stressed at work.

How can the Science of Exercise keep my body at its peak performance?

If you are the type of person who enjoys exercising and likes to keep your body at its peak performance, then the Science of exercise can offer short and long terms solutions. So, what are these principles?

There are five key principles of the Science of Exercise to keep the body at balance.

  • Balancing between inflammation and anti-inflammation
  • Balancing between oxidative stress and anti-oxidants
  • Maximizing the repairing of the damaged cells with specific supplements and enough resting
  • Increase naturally human gross hormones to increase muscles strength and size with specific diet
  • Balancing between the sympathetic and non-sympathetic nervous system so that the body keeps its hormonal homeostasis balance

What are The Secrets of Longevity?

Beside diet, regular and balanced exercise can reduce stress, restores hormonal balance, improves blood circulation, increase oxygen saturation inside the cells and more important expel toxins.

Over training can cause more harm than benefits. It can increase oxidative stress, inflammation, tissues damage triggering pre-mature aging. Damaged cells can increase toxins load inside the body leading to immune repression or weakness.

However, applying the Science of exercise principles can reduce your risks of many serious diseases; such as cancer, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, gut diseases, depression, stress and more.

Cardio Vascular Disease

It is important to mention the benefits of exercise on reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, why?

Because cardio-vascular diseases CVD In 2008 claimed close to 50,000 Australian lives is the major disease in the modern western societies, causing from 40% to 50% of deaths in these countries such as Australia, Canada and USA.

When you know that all of these deaths could have been prevented and it is easier than you believe. So, the choice now is yours to get back your control of your Health and remember it is never late to start to exercise again!

Tony Sport and Nutrition Program

Tony Sport and Nutrition focus on these Key Elements

  • Your Diet, types of food and the ratios of food intake between Carbohydrates, Proteins and type of Fats
  • The Ratio between the inflammatory food intake verse non inflammatory food
  • Patient and family health history and diseases risk factors
  • Patient life style activity and the Balance between types of exercise
  • Specific Supplements to support minerals and vitamins deficiency that worsen the Diabetes Disease
  • The Stress level and the quality of sleeping
  • The underline (i.e., Anger, frustration, work related stress, family problems) that increases the Patient Food intake

For some Patient we may ask you to do specific Blood test with your doctor, however

During the consultation, Tony will advise you if you need to do

These Tests

  1. Advance Genetic Test (understanding your body produce naturally high bad Cholesterol and Liver Detox Weakness and Strength)
  2. Genetic Diet Test (if obesity or overweight is an issue to the Patient)
  3. Others non-Genetic Types of Tests such as (Heamview, Weight Analysis, Urinary Indican Test, Saliva or Urinary pH)

These tests will explain what is going inside your body right now and will support the body’s genetic weaknesses and show you how to Strength them with specific Nutrigenomics Supplements. Supporting Genetics Weakness come with Special Super Food, Specific Supplements, Specific Exercise, Stress Reductions and its impact and more…

In Tony’s clinic you will find that his programs and support will focus mainly on achieving your specific health goals and beyond. these include feeling content, happy, and productive so you can enjoy a life with fulfillment and success.

This can only be achieved by using true total holistic and scientific approaches. Supported by the latest scientific and nutrigenomics research, specific clinical tests and specific blood tests done by your doctor, combined with the best of diet, exercise and supplements.

If you have any question about The Science behind Exercise and Sport Nutrition, feel free to call Tony today at 0412244677 or Book A Free Consultation

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    Erin-Beth Johns
    Erin-Beth Johns
    I have seen Tony for various health concerns over the last 12 years. Tony really knows his stuff and genuinely wants to help. He explains everything so you understand and if you follow his plan there are so many health benefits and you end up feeling great. Tony has helped me get my health on track, lose weight and conceive after years of infertility. I would recommend him to anyone in need of naturopath or nutritionist.
    Mina Shenouda
    Mina Shenouda
    I have been seeing a lot of nutritionists but Tony is the best one of them, he really knows his field very well and teaches you everything you need to know, keep up the work mate.
    Vicki d
    Vicki d
    If you want to understand your body and get it working with you , Tony is a great Naturopath. He has taught me techniques and ways to deal with my migraines 3 years on.
    Vivi M
    Vivi M
    Great experience. Tony is knowledgeable and guides you gently on the journey to better health.
    Frank Dunn
    Frank Dunn
    I have been seeing Tony with my Family for almost a Decade now. Tony is vey Professional and Friendly. He had helped us with dieting, exercising and prescribing the right supplements and super foods. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who had no success in treating his or her conditions or disease in the past.
    Phillip Mattiello
    Phillip Mattiello
    My family has been treated by Tony for several years. This time I fell seriously ill and was a wake up call for me. I chose the natural alternative path and would highly recommend, as Tony has great insights how the whole body works and treatment requited in a holistic way.
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