What is the ImmuneHealth?

ImmuneHealth includes more than 50 genes involved in different aspects of the immune response. These Genes that influence the Immune System Health are the Following Genes;

  • Inflammation Genes
  • Vitamin D Pathway Genes
  • Vitamin C Metabolism Genes
  • Zinc Metabolism Gene
  • Methylation Gene
  • Lipid Metabolism Genes
  • Gut Health Genes
  • Cardiovascular Health Genes

How does the Immune System Works?

The immune response is controlled by genetic and environmental factors. It is divided into two Systems

  • Innate immunity: first line of defense, present from birth, and does not need memory. Such as Skin Ph barrier, physiological defense mechanisms such as increasing temperature and inflammation
  • Adaptive immunity: It complements the innate immunity, develops over exposure to antigens and has memory 

What Drive the Immune System?

Inflammation is a key biological response of the immune system. In addition, genetic variation in a number of cytokines has been associated with susceptibility to and/or severity of influenza virus infection.

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system and its deficiency can lead to higher risk of autoimmune diseases and infections.

Why Vitamin C and Zinc are crucial to a Strong Immune System?

Vitamin C and Zinc play a key role in the Health of the Immune System. Maintaining their High level in the Body have a big impact on protecting us from Infections, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.

Vitamin C supports epithelial barrier against pathogens and has a role in microbial killing. Research has shown a link between vitamin C deficiency and risk of infectious diseases

Zinc homeostasis is essential for the function of the immune system. Zinc deficiency has been shown to negatively affect both innate and adaptive immune responses, leading to an increased risk of infection

ImmuneHealth includes key genes involved in vitamin C and zinc metabolism whose genetic variants have been associated with different levels of these nutrients

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