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Weight Analysis Test

Weight Analysis Test Sydney

Are you dissatisfied and upset with what your scales are telling you?

Imagine at 40 years of age being told that you have the body and the cells of a 55 year old!

Weight Analysis Test or WAT measures your lean muscle to fat ratio, how hydrated your body is and the level of toxicity that is occurring in your body. It also shows how well you are converting energy at the cellular level and your biological age.

This image below shows an identical body weight, but different fat percentage. 10 years of clinical experience led me to conclude that the more fat your body has, the more you are suffering from stress, fatigue, depression, sadness, irritated , angry and are tired from work.


Obesity is the number one health crisis facing Australians today with over five million Australians now considered overweight and two million more thought to be obese.

The majority of people still struggle to lose fat and keep it off. The main reasons for this is the lack of motivation and understanding of the benefits. WAT is an excellent tool for this due to its accuracy in measuring body fat and composition. Studies have suggested that accumulation of fat around the waistline can directly control your level of health, diseases and longevity. Excess fat around the waistline can also mean you have excess fat around your organs. Fat found here is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and many more diseases.
CHA is a powerful motivator that shows you with each test exactly how much fat you are losing.

Have you ever embarked on a fat loss program and given up after two weeks because the scales aren’t budging?

CHA will show you that often you are in fact losing fat but you are holding onto fluid, which your kidneys will eventually release.

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