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Why the Genetic Profiling Test is important?

Did you ever wonder why we keep getting the same diseases as our parents did in the past? Find out how our qualified genetic profiling practitioner can help you to uncover these secrets and reduce your disease risk. Our advanced Nutrigenomics scientific approaches to achieve optimal health will eliminate any guess work and enable us to tailor the exact health plan that works with your genes to enhance your wellbeing and healthy living and aging.

What is Nutrigenomics?


Why using Genetic Profiling Test?

Nutrigenomics is a new scientific discipline which studies the interaction between our genes, diet and lifestyle choices and how these can influence our health, well-being and your risk of certain diseases. It is true we can’t change our inherited genes.

However we can compensate for their influence by choosing better nutritional matches for our genes. In short we can repair DNA damage and improve the functioning of our genes by making the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.

What is the difference between Genotype and Phenotype?

The Genotype or the genetic makeup of individuals will provide a range of information on the capabilities and risks to health of the individual. The Phenotypes is the individual’s genetic constitution that interacts with the environment and is influenced by the surroundings, the diet, the lifestyle and the type of exercise.


Why this is important to me?

Understanding how to assess the environment impacts on individual genes based on his genotype and phenotype and how it can be changed or manipulated to maximize the health benefits, open the door widely for each one of us to be aware of the precise health plan he needs for his specific genetic inherent to live a healthy and energetic life.

Why use our genetic profiling test services?

Many genetic profiling tests are carried out today through different companies, the problem with their systems come after the test result are sent or emailed to the patient. Once the patient receives the result, he either will have no clue about the test or does not know how to explain it or clarify the result.

This creates more confusion than a solution in the patients mind and he ends up not using this valuable information to implement a specific health plan.

AMY1 Image and Obesity

Our qualified genetic profiling practitioner will help not just to interpret the results but will put all this valuable information in a tangible fitness plan, This plan will help you uncover and manage your state of health and disease in a better way and at a deeper level than with any other test you did in the past.

How often do you do Profiling Test?

This test will be done once in your life and it will reflect all the genes that you have inherited from your mother and father and their family sides. Genotype profiling test helps to identify any “potential” genetic profiling variations that may influence the way your body functions and how it responds to what you eat, how you exercise and how you live your life.

It is non-invasive test and takes 30-60 seconds in our clinic. Once the test is finished we will mail it, and within two to three weeks we will call you to arrange a new appointment so that we can explain your personal genetic profiling test. We will discuss with you a specific healthy plan that can help you to live and enjoy a healthy life and minimize the chances of disease.

For more information about the profiling genetic test and how it can change your life forever, increase your understanding about your own health that you have inherited from your parents, open your eyes into new healthy approaches and maximizing your quality of life. Call us now

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    Erin-Beth Johns
    Erin-Beth Johns
    I have seen Tony for various health concerns over the last 12 years. Tony really knows his stuff and genuinely wants to help. He explains everything so you understand and if you follow his plan there are so many health benefits and you end up feeling great. Tony has helped me get my health on track, lose weight and conceive after years of infertility. I would recommend him to anyone in need of naturopath or nutritionist.
    Mina Shenouda
    Mina Shenouda
    I have been seeing a lot of nutritionists but Tony is the best one of them, he really knows his field very well and teaches you everything you need to know, keep up the work mate.
    Vicki d
    Vicki d
    If you want to understand your body and get it working with you , Tony is a great Naturopath. He has taught me techniques and ways to deal with my migraines 3 years on.
    Vivi M
    Vivi M
    Great experience. Tony is knowledgeable and guides you gently on the journey to better health.
    Frank Dunn
    Frank Dunn
    I have been seeing Tony with my Family for almost a Decade now. Tony is vey Professional and Friendly. He had helped us with dieting, exercising and prescribing the right supplements and super foods. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who had no success in treating his or her conditions or disease in the past.
    Phillip Mattiello
    Phillip Mattiello
    My family has been treated by Tony for several years. This time I fell seriously ill and was a wake up call for me. I chose the natural alternative path and would highly recommend, as Tony has great insights how the whole body works and treatment requited in a holistic way.
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