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Health Benefits Of Eating Apples

Apples are one of the most popular fruits which are exceptionally healthy with a huge number of health benefits. Apples are very good for the health. As per the top nutrition consultants, regular consumption of apples lowers the chances of diseases in our body. Apples have elements in it that increase our immune system and help our body to resist itself from the harmful diseases.

Health Benefits Of Eating Apples

Here are five reasons why every individual must add an apple a day in his diet

High Nutritious Value: The nutrition consultants that eating a medium-sized apple is just equal to having 1.5 cups of fruit. Apples are a rich source of polyphenols which is very essential for the human body. The skin of the apple is a great source of fibre content which is very good for a proper digestion.

The Best Alternative For Weight Loss: The high fibre content in apple along with the water elements acts as an agent to regulate the weight gain of the body and maintains the natural health. It has been found out by the researchers that the apples are more filling as compared with the other fruits. This is because they are less energy dense delivering all the needed fibre and volume to the body. Apples have some natural components that promote weight loss lowering the level of bad cholesterol from the body.

Good for Heart: Apples lessen the risk of heart diseases from the human body. This is because it contains soluble fibres that help in lowering the blood cholesterol levels from the body. They also contain polyphenols which have an antioxidant effect which even lowers the blood pressure of the body and maintains the natural health of the person.

The flavonoids present in apples lessen the risk of stroke by twenty percent. They also help in preventing heart diseases by lowering blood pressure by reducing the LDL oxidation by acting as an antioxidant. The nutrition consultants say that very effective in reducing the death cases caused due to heart diseases and strokes.

Lower Risk Of Diabetes: Studies and researchers have found out that regular consumption of apples reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. The presence of polyphenols in the apples helps in preventing the damage caused in the beta cell tissue of the pancreas which further maintains the insulin flow in the body.

Prevention of Cancer: Recent studies have found out that eating of apples lowers the risk of cancer. It helps in restoring the natural health of the person due to the presence of plant components in then that combats cancer. Health and Food, Sydney with its founder Tony Jaafar have been mending lives as a Naturopath, Iridology, and Nutritionist. To know more about diet, anti-aging programs and get rid of difficult diseases. get connected to him at

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