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Are we losing the Battle against Diseases? Part 2

Now why do we do that?

The problem now could be for many people an extremely complex and grey one, but in reality it is not. Why? Does that mean I am very optimistic?

No, but realistic and reasonable, Why?

During the last 10 years in my clinic I observed three consistent facts about all my patients which are:

1. They want to live a healthy life, but yet they have no clue how their body at basic levels works. Except for information that they gather from the TV, magazine, friends advise and more often wrong advice from the internet.
2. 98% only act to restore their health when they are sick!
3. Only 2% of my patients come to seek living a healthy life and what should they do?

So in reality 98% of us act to restore their health when they are sick, but they do not act on a daily basis to keep it healthy!

Why? Because we have been programed or educated even before we are born that the human body is very complex and we should focus mainly on diseases. Before finding out what the disease name is? many test must be ran to identify the disease. So after diagnosis by experts, those experts end up prescribing specific drugs to manage or silence the symptoms instead of understanding why? So we end up losing the control of our health and later we try to reclaim back our health but often we find it too hard to go back to being healthy again.

I agree to take medication if you have no option and I say that clearly to you, as diseases are extremely complex and still up to now science struggles to understand more than 1% of why diseases happen. What we know today is just the surface or first layer of the diseases. For that reason doctors often prescribe different medications for the same disease.

The last point I want to mention here the burden of these chronic diseases on the economy, social life, immediate family and personal life as they can cause chaos in the family at all levels from the emotional burden, financial, work lost and family integrity.

I personally believe that health should be an individual responsibility as the benefits that come with this belief are enormous and will keep shining on your life for years to come as clearly shown in this picture
“A healthy Family is a Happy Family”

But on the other side, and what most people don’t know that maintaining a healthy body is much easier and cheaper than trying to manage or control diseases, as statistics shows.

“No cure for Diseases, but there is one for Health”
So what can we do to help you?

In summary today we have the most advance scientific information in the Nutrigenomics science that include nutrition, exercise and supplements that can help anyone to enjoy living a happy, healthy and most important a productive life that contributes to living in a better, safer and happier Society.

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