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Fibre the missing link in 21st Century

Did you know that today on average most Australians consume 20 grams of fibre daily, while our Ancestors in the past had consumed 100 grams or more of fibre daily?

Why is this important?

Many Illnesses that can arise from a low-fibre diet include:

1. Increase bad bacteria growth in the Gut
2. Increase inflammation and retentions of bad heavy metals toxins
3. Increase re-absorption into the blood stream of bad hormones such as Estrogen E2 estradiol which is linked with a high incidence of breast cancer
4. constipation
5. irritable bowel syndrome
6. diverticulitis
7. heart disease
8. Some types of cancers including bowel cancer.

The list goes on, so today I will offer a healthy and high fibre recipe that is rich in sources of fibre and many other anti-oxidant.

healthy strawberry blueberry smoothie with chia seed Blending chia with Blueberries