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Which one is better for your Health Blending or Juicing?

We all know how healthy eating raw, fresh, organic vegetables and low glycaemic fruits can be. In fact, eating them is essential for anyone who wants to become and stay healthy − no matter what your situation.

Find out which one is better for your Health Blending or Juicing?

Blending vs Juicing

a.Blending involves using a blender or other high-powered device to grind down

  • green leafy veggies like parsley, mint, water cress and spinach
  • Low-glycaemic fruits such as green apple, berries, unripe Papaya and cherries.
  • Root herbs like turmeric, ginger, and other coloured vegetables such as beetroot or carrot.

b.Juicing is done using a machine that merely squeeze liquid out of the fruits and veggies. The fibrous tissues of the plants are not consumed, but instead discarded.
Blending uses the whole plant, stems and all. The end result is a thick drink of mixed liquid juice plus fibre. It normally contain more anti-oxidants as anutrients “Bio-flavonoids”

When using Juicing verse Blending

Juicing can be used when a person has a compromised digestive system. It is recommended for a short period of time. As the nutrients can be absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. Juicing should be administrated under the supervision of a qualified health professional.

Blending is better for everyday health and for long periods of time.

How to maximize health benefits of Blending

Choose fresh organic or at least chemical free vegetable “that are harvested less than 24 hours ago”. Most big supermarket don’t have daily fresh vegetables or fruits all the time.

How do I pick up the best vegetables and fruits?
a.Make sure the green leaves are dark in colour “this indicates they are high in Magnesium and Potassium
b.The leaves are firm and straight
c.No yellow spots, even though they look fresh this indicates poor soil “do not be misled , just because they are organic check for spots.
d.Always check different sources of vegetables and fruits so you can find the best for your body.

The best smoothie is the one you make at home, with just a few organic ingredients and the right kind of blender.

Vegetable smoothie