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Methods of Treatment in Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a distinct system of medicine where emphasis is on “the healing power nature”. In naturopath treatment, the primary aim is to keep people healthy by eliminating the cause of disease from its root with natural remedies and with modifications in lifestyle. At Parramatta, you can avail some of the best naturopathic clinics that serve you with world-class naturopath experts and effective treatment methods.


Naturopathy can be applied to cure disease in a variety of modalities. In modern times, many additional methods have been incorporated on naturopathy to fit our lifestyle and health requirements. Here we are going to discuss some of them.

1. Clinical Nutrition: The basic mantra of naturopathy is “a disease can be treated by regulating diet without taking any medicine”. Sometimes patients are advised by naturopath doctors not to take food (or specific food items) for a stipulated time period to treat the ailment. Diet of the patient includes a combination of herbs, nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals. Parramatta naturopathic clinics also follow this method of treatment to relief your discomfort.

2. Homeopathy: Homeopathy is a part of naturopath treatment that has legacy of curing diseases without causing any sort of side effects. Many people prefer this type of alternative medicinal treatment method over allopath. At naturopath clinics of Parramatta, homeopath doctors focus on the natural healing system of our body and stimulate this system to treat the root cause of your disease.

3. Physical Medicine: Naturopathy is not just a method of treatment rather it is a beautiful combination of healthy lifestyle and understanding of disease. Parramatta naturopathic clinics also use this ancient but effective form of treatment with little help from modern methods. Here hydrotherapy, massage, exercise, light therapy, heat therapy, ultrasound and naturopathic manipulation techniques are used to boost your internal immune system.


4. Botanical Medicine: Naturopathy is a specialised treatment method to eradicate your sufferings with help of natural ingredients and what else could be better than herb to do so. Here at Parramatta naturopath clinics, you will find a group of physicians who are trained in herbal medicine. Either whole plant or part of a pant is used to prepare herbal medicine. These herbal medicines are free of any undesirable side effects.

5. Counselling and Psychotherapy: In naturopathy, it is firmly believed that not just our body but our mind should also be healed properly to enjoy a healthy life. It is only possible to recover physically when you are strong mentally. Naturopathic clinics and Nutritionist Parramatta offer proper counselling and psychotherapy sessions to help out the patient to recover from physical as well as mental trauma.

There are many other alternative treatment methods available in Parramatta naturopath clinics. You just need to make an appointment to know about them in order to live a healthy and blissful life.